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Ali Oop Adoptions

Small Dog Rescue

Bevin has been cleared for takeoff! Our wonderful little Whatsit would be a great dog for an apartment. Well behaved and willing to learn. Due to some awkward social skill he would do best as an only dog or with a large laidback companion

Ruxom is a 1 year old Chihuahua Mix who has had a very sheltered life. He needs an experienced person, who will introduce him to all the world has to offer. He is young & playful. Ruxom can be a fear biter, so no small children, please.

Joules Is looking for her forever home.

We think she is about 8 years old, she was found as a stray so we can only go with the vets estimate. Joules is our resident cranky old lady. She was found a stray, so we do not know her history, but we suspect she was a loved pet at one time, despite her condition upon arrival. Joules was not cared for well & had massive hair loss, however being on good food & medicated baths her hair is almost back

We hope you consider opening your heart to this girl & become her angel. She needs to be in a home as on only dog, or with male dogs. She also has a strong preference for men.

Primrose is a wonderfully behaved pocket Pitty. She is about 2 years old and is 30 lbs. She does well with submissive dogs, but does have a strong chase instinct with small animals. She is sweet, well mannered, and loving.

Tippy is a 11 year old Chihuahua mix. He came to us because his owners health issues no longer allowed him to care for Tippy.Tippy is looking for someone who is up for a challenge. He needs someone who will help him overcome his fear of change & socialize him. He needs a very quiet house. If there are other pets, they would not want to interact with him. Tippy was very devoted to his dad, & is looking for someone to be his buddy.